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All of Them Witches

from All of Them Witches by Arroyo Deathmatch



Every citizen is a criminal,
Every criminal is a human being,
Every prison guard and soldier,
Was a little kid playing dolls with his sister,

Man has made many laws,
law has unmade many more men.
From the prison yard to the gallows pole,
punishment is not reform.

And let them come!
With their torches pitchforks and guns,
Let them burn us at the stake,
For it’s their own qualities that they hate,
And let them come!
With their laws prisons and guns,
Their own shackles are the sign
All of them witches all the time.

and no matter who’s elected,
the problem stays the same,
putting shackles on all the people,
in a sad attempt to be safe.

and where you witness difference,
I see divisions none,
the golden calf to the holy ghost,
the demon, the goat, witches all.

Think of prison less like a trash can and more like a mirror,
we’re all just one honest moment from ending up here.

("The killers judge the killers and the dead rise up to offer their executioners' heads to other executioners. The world is in fact a vicious circle. 'Father, I blame myself for being a man' 'I forgive you, my son'" -René Laloux - 'Les temps morte' 1964)


from All of Them Witches, released December 21, 2012




Arroyo Deathmatch Albuquerque, New Mexico

evil folk for evil folks

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