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Swimming the Witch

from Through the Fear of It by Arroyo Deathmatch



Created the false dichotomy,
between Lilith and Mary,
choked out by patriarchy,
and told a lie of genetic prophecy,
Fuck your test to see if we fit the mold,
witches will scream until our stories are told.
born of western cultural fears,
under the boot for ten thousand years.

They’ll hold your head under water and they’ll call you a bitch,
if you can’t hold your breath it’s you’re a fault you’re a witch,
if you don’t succumb to the cold waters and drown,
they’ll smear your name all over this town.

In the streets they call you out and tell you what you're worth
a piece of meat to scrutinize, a commodity since birth
feel the pressure to walk that straight and narrow line
to resist this gendered prison would be your greatest crime
because if you dare to live your life and forget that weight of shame
they'll pull your hair and call you Slut and submerge your head again
they use your body against you while they hold their bodies against you
until it doesn't belong to you a symbol, object, tool

Be a slut be a prude, no matter you're rude
from fishnets to ties, all I hear are your lies
catcalls and grunts, lude gestures the works
look at you who gets all the perks
there's blood on our hands every 28 days
but the pain that you spread sets the whole world ablaze
I'm a dyke, I'm a femme, no matter I pick
everyday it's my choice, I'll get blood on your dick

Destroy shame of your anatomy
decolonize your stolen body
reclaim your right to subjectivity
lay ruin to the false dichotomy
fight the cold waters by all means
to ignite this town in witches’ screams
go ahead girl go ahead, get down,
go ahead girl, go ahead, get down


from Through the Fear of It, released January 18, 2014




Arroyo Deathmatch Albuquerque, New Mexico

evil folk for evil folks

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