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My straight edge is a jagged edge,
my straight edge is a denial of god,
my straight edge is a Molotov,
my straight edge is a roadside bomb.

State-sponsored oppression will start to crumble,
when the only thing we brew is trouble.

My straight edge is a jagged edge,
my straight edge is a wrench in the works,
my straight edge is a blazing torch,
my straight edge is a burning church.

the scene’s a party, anarchy’s a fad,
pass me a beer, I’m just like my dad.
more smash the state, less shit your pants,
defend yourself, say fuck the man.

they won’t need guns to destroy us when we drink ourselves to death,
hiding wounds with intoxication do you really think that’s best,
starting over just to give up and start over once again,
what they did to us now we’re doing ourselves with addiction.

the lives that they’ve deprived us of,
exhaling smoke our eyes are blood shot,
just another victim in this recreation war,
and every day we work to pay the killers more.

there are places where water is dumped on fields of poppies,
while the workers die of thirst,
and their oppressors would like to thank you for your contribution,
to systematic global oppression.

and I agree that voting’s full of shit,
but there are many ways to cast your ballot,
and every day you give these fucks the means,
to kill, rape, oppress, torture in the name of greed.

to fight them there are oh so many ways,
in the bowels of this dark and depraved maze,
we soberly decolonize our minds today,
so we can open up our mouths and say,

I’ve never needed more than nothing.


from All of Them Witches, released December 21, 2012




Arroyo Deathmatch Albuquerque, New Mexico

evil folk for evil folks

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