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I’ve seen police turn and run from it,
entire cities shut down.
I’ve seen the world spell-bound by it,
mute to the sound.
I’ve felt the ghost fire of it,
when we break the rules in a crowd.
If you want to be a part of it,
speak it aloud.

I’m not just naive,
I’m hell bent,
on seeing us rise,
all the oppressed.
The changes inside,
and the world as it is,
the difference won’t resolve,
the conflict goes on.

They think they can win if they can keep you sick,
denied your very life.
Shackled to the idea of punishment,
alteration through captivity.
A structure constructed with endless sides,
so complex it can’t be seen.
Subsumed since birth in collective identity,
lost in the tide.

I began to hate the state the day I first fell in love,
they can’t stop us if they don’t know what we’re up to.
When it comes upon us oppression will slip away like a dream,
conflated with identity, more a sickness than a thing.
You think you know darkness, I’ll swallow the moon.
Transformation is endless and long overdue,
the world isn’t now the way it once was,
so we gladly feast on those that would subdue us.


from Through the Fear of It, released January 18, 2014




Arroyo Deathmatch Albuquerque, New Mexico

evil folk for evil folks

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